Jews who exterminated 66 million White Russians

Anti-White Jewish exterminators of Russian Gentiles; the demi-cide of 66 million Russians would not of happened without the participation of these genocidal miscreants…


H & M and surviving the coolest multicultural jungle

H&M clothing chain has evidently enraged Egalitarianism by alas stating the obvious but isn’t it strange how it all is fitted together; almost as if they are trying to dampen the shock horror of the truth of it all, a sort of damage limitation by letting the hot air of fury out of  the bag.

Update: As I said, fury out of the bag, a chimp out over the ‘jungle hoody’ at a store of H&M in South Africa; they should disclose a stock take and prove an assumption of looting.

Misery is your return for being inclusive of diversity;  my advice in avoidance of future repercussions is not to bother using chimps as models and if the violence persists, take white flight and pull out of the failing misery of South Africa.

Lake District & Scotland 25/12 to 31/12/2017

The soul devouring, Death Cult were clearly waiting for me in the Lake District; desperately attempting to make a connection with my Tao. I have discovered the evil predator that is has devoured my soul and committed Genocide against my people; it’s an evil Semetic resurrected Canaanite demon named Anat or Anath; this grotesque soul eating demon has been incarnated into female Negro body.

Jumped on as soon as my feet landed by lake Windermere at 3PM.

A disgusting blonde race mixing traitor came out of a black car (pictured above) and encroached to gloat at me before departing.

This creep walked up before he noticed my long camera lens, I was once asked what the NY base cap logo meant, I still to this day don’t know.

Up and down the road opposite a creepy Black Audi saloon passed by eight times and a wild eyed driver of a White Mercedes couple glared with 666 X-ray eyes.

Shortly after I took the above picture the camera application complete crashed my phone, other times my phone battery has mysteriously drained.

So off to Bonnie Scotland, next visible harassment came from rape ‘Chicago Bulls’ cult whom ascended Arthur’s seat in Edinburgh…

with a group of conspirators; he motioned one of the group who then attempted to film me with his phone which he also used to hide his ugly Negro face…

I had descending from a rapist who had encroached on me once I had arrived at the summit; I also caught a picture of him filming of me with his phone camera….

These Negro rapists usually always arrive with one white guy, I denounced the ugly monstrosity as a rapist numerous times before leaving the summit. The hillside was covered with Italians among other nationalities who were all slipping over the icy crevasses in the rock.

I am completely alone this New Years eve but this prove that the selfish, soul raping chimp and it’s fearful world of god loathing spite is clearly and unanimously unfit to be with God as my blessing and essence of life is still with; resides as me.

When Negroes complain about having nothing ask why they isolated god until a wasted, soulless nothing upon this suffering, dying earth.

Systematic Cultivation of Human Failure