Covenant of Genocide

Each year in Trafalgar (fair and) square, London (roped in) Christians celebrate their warmongering saint with a special service at Saint Martin in the fields church. At this service attendees are beckoned to join a disparity covenant of Saint Martin. The stately church, adorned with the Queen’s crest, passes out frayed material in the shape of a red squares to gullible initiate members. To the communist covenant their ‘red square’ (to be confused with communist red square in Moscow) is symbolic of Saint Martin of the (rape) Tours Red cape (Roman soldiers uniform).  The wacky sainted French bishop falsely predicted the world would end in 400AD stating that the ‘Anti-Christ had already been born’.

Few would suspect that this church was involved in a secret Genocide campaign to break up and racially mix the lineage of White British peoples through inclusive miscegenation of Marxist African Negroes. Callous, opportunist miscreants who are ushered into the UK from the churches neighboring building Africa House. The churches towering ‘lord of the rings’ spire is clearly phallic, it’s sheath is covered with holes or rings symbolizing sexual penetration.

Outside the main door of the church is an half cut obelisk where a baby carved out of stone rests; inscribed across the east side of the obelisk are the words “word became flesh” which are taken from the biblical verse of John 1:12 .

Facing west to the east of the church there is huge clear plate glass window. Defined and cut but lead strips the window expresses distortion of light (warped reality) that accumulates into the formation of an egg.

Saint Martins cloak, a fabric woven from red threads of archetypal Christ’s crucified blood; is separated in half with a double edged sword (duality). In effect wielding a timed pendulum of the covenants covert profession against white man; disparity. A metaphor for the cutting in half of ancestral linage (in this instance separating white man from white female) in sacrificial genetic add mixture offering towards the miscegenation of the African Negro

West end play (cat and) ‘Mouse trap’ has run sixty six years at Saint Martins Theatre

From an esoteric view point the sinister methodology of this six hundred and sixty six aligned church appears to be a mechanism of authoritarian control and manipulation of gods rite of passage; through obstructing and diverting destined processes of natural selection. The aim of the covenant is to create a mulatto Christ; a saviour of the Africa Negro through Tao dissection of the White man; an anti-Christ persecution leading to a genocidal coerced / forced miscegenation of White women.

Alpha Corpse HTB, Saint Martins and the Church of England

The genocidal covenant is currently overseen by Semite oil driller and Arch-bishop of Canterbury Justin Webley whom read during the tragic Saint Martin in the Fields (SMF) red square covenant ‘lock in’ service during late 2010. Current vicar for SMF is uncle Sam Wells who through his Dorking Bishop (consecrated by Webley) wife Jo; is well known to HTB positive Webley via his wife’s appointment as Chaplin to Webley from 2013 onwards.

Our race traitor of the sacrificial $hekels

Perhaps the most strangest affiliations with the covenant is Adele. She lived in Norwood whilst I lived in Herne Hill then merely a few years after she moved to up scale Notting Hill and I into a homeless hostel in Bayswater. Adele recorded her first album with North Finchley Jew Richard Russell of XL recordings, a subsidiary of the Beggars Group.

Team Adele – Beggars Group, Rough Trade and XL recordings
Three anti-White Jewish stooges, Rick Rubin, Richard Russell and Rob Stringer

And the egg man Martin Mills…

Could this man be the cursed saint, an illegitimate father to the Shit Chimp?

Mills fits the description of the covenant perfectly; his favourite song being “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan (often sung by death cult members in spiteful relish of the poverty I’ve suffered)…

Death covenant academic connections

Two frequent mentioned Universities become apparent in relation to ordained members of the covenant, these are:

Trinity College, Cambridge and Durham University.

In 1951 during the revelations of the Cambridge spy ring Trinity College was credited for producing three known Soviet spies:

A forth member James Ellis, a cryptographer and mathematician at GCHQ has also been mentioned but remains as yet unsubstantiated.

Trinity College is also known to have provided several well known Marxist members of the Apostles, an elitist, intellectual secret society founded in 1820 by George Tomlinson (Anglican Bishop of Gibraltar 1842/63). The Apostles had as a member another soviet spy named Michael Straight, a speech writer for President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The infamous 1988 New Yorker ‘White Privilege’ pioneer Peggy McIntosh has taught at Durham University. Her papers include “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack” and “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women’s Studies”.

In not so distant future I will expose that this Marxist death covenant intends to dispose of Queen Elizabeth 2 and all her future bloodline.