Death Cult crusaders: the Alpha Corpse

Gumbel, White anti-Christ?Upstart Nicky Gumbel, ‘developer of the Alpha Course’ is a cultural Marxist Semite. His immigrant parents arrived in the UK from Stuttgart after fleeing early National Socialist Workers Party purges in Germany. Etonian Gumbel attained a BA in 1976 after studying Law at Trinity College, Cambridge and a MA whilst at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford in 1986.

After ordination into the Church of England as a Deacon in 1986 Gumbel had great difficulty in finding a Curacy. Giving up he returned to his local adopted parish of Kensington and Chelsea. Gumbel was accepted as a staff member at Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), then became a priest serving with the church as curate in 19871.

In 1990, Gumbel took over the running of the Alpha Course; under his leadership the course changed direction from teaching existing Christians to fundamentalist recruitment of new Christians. After returning to UK from flying out to Toronto Gumbel (in process of dividing and ruling) became one of the first ‘Christians’ in the UK to propagate the ‘Toronto blessing‘.

“It divides people. It splits churches. It is very controversial. But I’ll tell you – I think the Toronto blessing was a wonderful, wonderful thing.” – Nicky Gumbel quoted in the Guardian 21/10/2000

The Toronto blessing has been widely described by many Christians as both evil and ungodly.

Above: Congregation experiencing the ‘Toronto Blessing’ in Boston, USA

Some Christians have wrongly suggested the Toronto blessing attempts to draw blessing from the Hindu Goddess Shakthi (although whilst in India I never witnessed anything like the above video clip); often describing striking similarities found between manifestations of the Toronto blessing and transference of energy techniques used in the ‘Kundalini awakening’. It is also worth noting that the Toronto blessing has absolutely no biblical foundation whatsoever.

Up to Three hundred Christians who claimed to have received the ‘Toronto blessing’ have also coincidently reported supernaturally receiving gold or silver fillings in their teeth whilst in attendance at church services. Another church Trinity Cheltenham (11th biggest church in England) also practices the Toronto Blessing3 alongside mid week teachings from the HTB’s Alpha Course4.

“Whatever comes upon them during that weekend, we can be sure that it is not the Spirit of God”. – Rev. Paul Fitton in denunciation of Alpha Course weekend conferences5.

A significant recruitment drive of HTB has been to evangelise inside public schools; primarily focusing on young boys from seven years old onwards.

Maturer ‘core’ indoctrinated students have become involved with Christian Union’s such as Flambards. Most public and private schools (including Eaton) now have a Christian Union that is run by someone with links to HTB6.

The influential rise of Semite Justin Webley through the ranks of the Church of England has been of some speculation since his 2013 consecration as 105th Arch Bishop of Canterbury.  HTB positive Welby is a life long friend of Nicky Gumbel; both were at Eton together, and then Trinity College, Cambridge. Only weeks after Webley’s enthronement he was interviewed by Gumbel as star speaker at HTB’s 5000 member ‘leader’s conference’ at the Royal Albert Hall.

Meanwhile HTB Press secretary Mark Elsdon-Dew had already begun a three-month ‘PR operation’ secondment at Lambeth Palace7. Not that then current Bishop of London, Lord Richard Chartres (retired 2017) would have at all minded, himself being also (like Gumbel and Welby) a Camtab Cambridge Trinity College Graduate; as well as a trustee of Coexist, sitting on the advisory council of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation8.

The Reverend Ian Paisley denounced the Alpha Course as a Hell Inspired; his conclusion, after 15 pages of deliberation.

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