London – 30/11/ to 3/12/2017

I’ve only been in London for a few hours and already been stalked by some really ugly, hateful demons through the streets around Convent Garden area of Westminster. Bizarrely this African Negro trinity death cult believes I am a unholy / holy (operating two sides of the same coin to grind victims down into submission) paedophile father; to there suppressive, genocidal maggot of a Negro African mother.

Despising my existence with endless cranks they interfere and disrupt my Tao (path) everywhere I go. As demons they seek to possess and control my lineage (inherent gene keys) who pick up dismal forfeits of their ‘all out’ greedy, inhumane, body snatching charades. They hang around places they consider evil waiting to associate themselves with me (cast in) so that they might command more atrocity against me.

Two stationary stalkers waiting outside the Freemason United Grand Lodge of England, Great Queen Street, Camden, London 30/11/2017

Arriving at my hotel I experienced big fat Arab man wearing superman t-shirt, I recognised the family from Edgware road, London. After checking in I was then offered a complimentary hotel cookie whilst I was wearing a cookie monster t-shirt; oh how the cranks go on. Endless encores of crappy Motown music played in the restaurant during the three days length of my stay; I’m so sick of the soul scrapping, whining drone that it churns my stomach as though I want to vomit. The only good thing I can say is that the empty hotel room was up to scratch, spotlessly clean; also having a chance to have a hot bath was very welcoming.

Death Cult members, Negro with snatched Tao consort shortly after coerced renunciation, Tottenham Court Road, Westminster, London 3:12pm, 31/11/2017.

I was in London for the entire weekend from Thursday 30th to Sunday 3rd of December. My friends daughter had come to England so vacated temporarily to give them some quality time together. After arriving at Paddington train station I took the opportunity of taking photos of locations around Westminster so I could spend the next few days chilling out. The photos are included with my revised Blog posts, with evidence of the death cult horror that the disparity of Westminster has inflicted on my persistently blighted life.

The fact that they feel sorry for the greedy, genocidal maggot after what it’s disgusting ape kin have done to my precious life, I really don’t like this sick anti-Whte world of Marxist scum very much.

Boiling alive in stress and anxiety, monitored by Samsung health application on my Samsung mobile phone.

The death cult claim that stalking and harassment doesn’t hurt me but as you can see by the stress meter (Samsung health) app on my phone, I’m dying slowly, being boiled alive inside a melting pot of anxiety; in a hell storm fired by malevolent death cult discord.

Friday I left the hotel early and took a walk onto Richmond Park to take some photographs of the Stags and squirrel harassing Green Parrots, I was followed into the park via Kings gate for at least a mile by this horrid Negro monster…

Stalker following me through Kings Gate and around Richmond Park, Kingston, 2:07pm, 1/12/2017

By the time I found the stags (which wasn’t long) I was encroached by a women who was video streaming the entire event on her phone; the evil maggot just couldn’t resist encroaching on my special moments, viewing from the life it has deprived me of; ugly soul snatching maggot. I detest it’s decrepit infection, it’s flesh crawling blight upon my life and find it’s smelly fur it calls hair repugnant. After it committed genocide against me the beast lost the right to be treated as a human.

Stalkers dressed in running apparel because to them diversity means chasing down White people at Hampton Court Palace, Molesey, London 12:32, 2/12/2017

Outside Hampton court palace these two miscreants appeared dressed in running gear in joint effort to chase down my life; whilst I was inside the palace grounds they split up and ran about everywhere. Diversity to the Death Cult clearly means chasing down White people. So fixated they are about depriving me of everything; frightened that their agenda of the most vilest racial crucifixion will be revealed.

Red followed and boarded train at Kingston Wood Street Station before slugging copious amounts of bottled spring water. 2/12/2017

I utterly detest these benign stalkers, the ones who wear red scarves advocate the lies of Negroes everywhere they encroach. The scarf to them symbolises the running of blood drawn from Crucified Christ’s left rib (spear of destiny) in creation of female child from him. Leaving Kingston I was followed onto a train by this (pictured below) death cult covenant member, wearing red scarf and gulping down spring water as if she’d been parched in a desert. There are thousands of these miscreants (who I call reds) everywhere, they are evil genocidal Marxists.

Stalker behind my back boarded U3 bus from Uxbridge to Heathrow before disembarking near West Drayton at Midnight, 11:57pm 2/12/2017

This unbelievably creepy shadow slivered it’s way onto a bus travelling towards Heathrow, it came to the front and hung around close at midnight before disembarking north of the airport somewhere near West Drayton. Obviously the demon didn’t want to be recognized, it doesn’t really get more creepy than this!

Spite faced woman on phone tried to lure me away along Riverside Walk, Kingston, 10:43am, 3/12/2017

Alpha corpse zombies constantly try to lure me away like this sadistic devil, can see clearly through her eyes that her soul is immersed in spite, she stopped trying to pull when she saw the reds pictured in front of he; turned and returned in direction towards me, unaware of my camera.

Red outside Kingston Town hall, Kingston

Moments later I spotted another red, this time at a bus stop outside Kingston town hall, is that Mao’s little red book in his right coat pocket? he appeared to have Parkinsons disease, still, in avoidance of pity his infliction doesn’t necessarily make him a good person does it? and neither will it hinder me in exposing his professed Marxist evil upon my life.

Walking away into an abyss of hatred, abducted red Tao consort, Riverside, Richmond on Thames, London 3:15pm 3/12/2017

And this red slave walking off with Sambo along the river Thames, Richmond; very sad, heartbreaking to see but these sadistic Negroes take pleasure in breaking peoples hearts. Later on in the evening I overheard a passing women saying mulatto’s were monstrous, I whole heartedly agreed; I sense a evil disparity in mixed race that will manifest such a curse onto this earth.

Red walking down London Road in Twickenam, London 2:14pm, 3/12/2017 and Red walking down Clarence Street in Kingston 11:44am 1/12/2017.

To the unobserved some might think that I have a fixation with red scarves but their patterns of behaviour and the fact I saw hundreds of them over the mere two days I was in London would suggest to most people of a rationalised mind that something insidiously creepy is going on. In Oxford I witnessed a about thirty Christian’s sporting red scarves departing from a church.

Picture displayed on my camera is of a Negro stalker, Charing Cross Road, Westminster, 3pm 30/11/2017

Over the next week I am drafting a written statement of my findings first to the police; if they refuse to enact I will launch a private prosecution against the Church of England, Holy Trinity Brompton and Semite Queen Elizabeth the 2nd for the crime of White Genocide. God is my witness through all of this upheaval; they will be punished.