America’s Chocolate Cities

An encroaching migrating plague of black death has destroyed many once prosperous American city; the crumbling ruins of rotting Detroit is just one example where whites have literately abandoned their properties to escape the appalling barbarous misery of Americas depraved chocolate cities.

Gentile hating Jews bought Negro migrants to our white nations to rape and mutilate our souls unrecognisable.

Detroit, MI

US Census Bureau’s 2010 census, Detroit’s population is 81.84% Black, 10.42% White, 6.51% Other and 1.23% Asian. The official crime rate is 62.18 per 1000 residents for Detroit property crimes, and 16.73 per 1000 for violent crimes; almost doubling 32 per 1000 for national property crimes and tripling 5 per 1000 for violent crime in Detroit.

A once prosperous Detroit now become a rotting wasteland; exactly the same as my occupied, voided life.

Detroit has one of the lowest levels of literacy in the US; the National Institute for Literacy estimates that 47% of adults in Detroit are functionally illiterate. Most baffling is that 200,000 adults who are functionally illiterate, approximately half have a high school diploma or GED.

Percentages From 1940 to 2000 of White people gradually disappearing (white flight) from Detroit…

  • In 1940, 90.8% of Detroit’s population was white.
  • In 1950, 83.63% of Detroit’s population was white.
  • In 1960, 70.8% of Detroit’s population was white.
  • In 1970, 56.0% of Detroit’s population was white.
  • In 1980, 35.7% of Detroit’s population was white.
  • In 1990, 22.2% of Detroit’s population was white.
  • In 2000, 12.3% of Detroit’s population was white.

Over the last 70 years whites have been driven out by a combination of horrendous black crime levels, collapsing standards and an inefficient bureaucracy. Black crime has run every last major grocery store out of Detroit. So beleaguered is the cities economy that it filed for bankruptcy in the summer of 2013.

These decaying monsters who force themselves into our once vibrant world have manifest nothing but detriment and persistent failure.

Massive shoplifting, stock theft and inoperable Third World conditions saw the last major store, Farmer Jack, leave in 2007. Since then, Detroit, one of America’s largest cities, hasn’t had a single grocery chain store within the city limits.

A desolate area made into nothing by nothings because they outcast others into nothingness

Vast areas of the city are utterly smashed and lie in ruins, making this once-thriving home of the American auto mobile industry, into a wasteland which resembles a third world war zone.

Detroit had 18 fewer murders in 2014 than it did in the previous year, putting it’s total at the lowest point in 47 years!

Jackson, MS

Jackson has a staggering annual crime rate of 62.22% per 1000 residents is safer than a mere 3% of USA cities. Recorded violent crimes in Jackson were 1,647 and property crime was 8,973 totalling 10,620 annual crimes in this more than troubled city. The city has a population of 170,674 of which Black African / Americans are an absolute majority at 79.9%.

In 2016 there was 53 murders, 179 rapes, 795 robberies and 602 assaults. In Jackson your chance of becoming a victim of crime is 1 in 13. In crime Jackson is seconded only to 57.6% Hispanic Indianola, with a population of 10,641 and a crime rate of 85.24 per 1,000 residents you have a 1 in 12 chance of becoming a crime victim; which is undoubtedly the most dangerous city in the state of Mississippi.

Birmingham, AL

Birmingham has a Black African American absolute majority of 72.3%. With a population of 212,461 you have a 1 in 57 chance of being a victim of violent crime, Birmingham is safer than just 1% of US Cities and has an annual average of 119 property crimes per square mile in comparison to Americas national median of 32.85.

Chicago, IL

Chicago has a population of 2,720,546 having an encroaching Black African / American population of 30.9%. Chicago is ranked 11% safer than other American cities. Crime has become so bad that a website entitled “Hey Jackass” has been created to monitor and record real time crime statistics in the city through the use of police radio scanners.

Amensty International cites unlicensed gun violence being a contributing factor to Chicago’s downward trend. In 2013, 414 people were killed in Chicago, the highest number of homicides across the US that year; with more than 80 percent of those deaths attributed to gun violence. Gun-death victims in 2012 were 75% African- American or Latino, almost half of Chicago’s 2,389 homicide victims were killed before their 25th birthdays.

Chester, PA

Residents in the city of Chester have a 1 in 37 chance of being the victim of a violent crime, 114% higher than crime in the rest of Pennsylvania, 330% greater than the rest of the American nation.

Saint Louis, MO

St. Louis is about 42% white, 50% black, and 8% Asian and Latino. As of September 12th, 2017, there have been 144 murders this year. Of the victims, 135 are black, 8 are white, and one is Latino. There are 55 closed cases and 89 open cases.

SLMPD St. Louis, Missouri 2017 UCR Homicide Analysis (full document click here)

As of 8th December 2017 Police have identified 128 suspects so far, 127 are black. Between the beginning of 2015 and September 12th, 2017, 96.2% of suspects are black, 3.2% are white, and .6% are Latino.