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Poverty, a death cult Xmas present

Two thousand and fourteen was a difficult year for me, I fell victim to the most repugnant betrayal of all which through deception landed me completely destitute; broke penniless and street homeless for an entire month; frozen in severest of disparity from 17th December to the 19th of January.

Whilst held up at my friends crowded flat in Vauxhall, London I began talking to pagans online through Facebook social networking website; eventually I met a woman named Alanna (real name Denise Wyatt) who not only claimed she was pagan but also a Witch; after some brief dialog she suggested she could help solve my problem of homelessness.

After communicating with her through messenger for a few days we seemed to get along. From browsing through her FB postings it was clear that she had attended various events of the Celtic Christian “Loyal Arthurian war band” druid order. Having been both a devout pagan and worked with / raised money for a homeless charity I wrongly assumed that she was genuine in her offer to help me.

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Google Images reinforce Anti-White world

Screenshots from google image when searching terms of both “White people” and “Black people” at time: 11:42am and date: 05 Oct 2017. I won’t bother to explain this in detailĀ  because without liberal blinkers the pictures reveal all; remove them.

First I’ll start with three screenshots of “White People”….

Now for “Black People”…

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One ending result with Miscegenation: Evil Mulatto

This inter-racial atrocity is very close to home; Swindon, Wiltshire. The woman in the photo looks so similar to somebody I know that I am going to have to check with friends to make sure it’s not her.  I’m noting that this daily mail article was published one day before my birthday (13th May).

“They were at a Christmas party together when they got in a fight, her friends tried to get her to go home with them so she would be safe for the night, but she went home instead. Around 2:00 am the mulatto showed up. The neighbors listened to her high pitched screams as he beat and tortured her, including about 15 sounds of a heavy thud. The neighbors called the fire brigade because when the mulatto left at about 5:00 am he had set the house on fire to cover up her murder.

He had beaten her with an iron, the police found blood on the iron, porch, kitchen walls, and in the living room. Once he got tired of beating her he poured paint down her throat. When she was nearly dead but still alive he set her on fire. Police say she finally died of smoke inhalation from the smoke of her burning body. Police counted at least 45 separate injuries to her dead body”.

Over the years during my numerous travels through Swindon I noticed this guy drinking super strength larger on the streets, usually in and around the bus station. I’m really hoping his victims kids get a decent white home to grow up in, maybe with a family member thus avoiding the perils of a troubled life in social service care.

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