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Jews who exterminated 66 million White Russians

Anti-White Jewish exterminators of Russian Gentiles; the demi-cide of 66 million Russians would not of happened without the participation of these genocidal miscreants…


Covenant of Genocide

Each year in Trafalgar (fair and) square, London (roped in) Christians celebrate their warmongering saint with a special service at Saint Martin in the fields church. At this service attendees are beckoned to join a disparity covenant of Saint Martin. The stately church, adorned with the Queen’s crest, passes out frayed material in the shape of a red squares to gullible initiate members. To the communist covenant their ‘red square’ (to be confused with communist red square in Moscow) is symbolic of Saint Martin of the (rape) Tours Red cape (Roman soldiers uniform).  The wacky sainted French bishop falsely predicted the world would end in 400AD stating that the ‘Anti-Christ had already been born’.

Few would suspect that this church was involved in a secret Genocide campaign to break up and racially mix the lineage of White British peoples through inclusive miscegenation of Marxist African Negroes. Callous, opportunist miscreants who are ushered into the UK from the churches neighboring building Africa House. The churches towering ‘lord of the rings’ spire is clearly phallic, it’s sheath is covered with holes or rings symbolizing sexual penetration.

Outside the main door of the church is an half cut obelisk where a baby carved out of stone rests; inscribed across the east side of the obelisk are the words “word became flesh” which are taken from the biblical verse of John 1:12 .

Facing west to the east of the church there is huge clear plate glass window. Defined and cut but lead strips the window expresses distortion of light (warped reality) that accumulates into the formation of an egg.

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Terrorism and the rise of African National Congress

Creation, organisation and the rise of the ANC and MK

In 1942 Joe Slovo, a Lithuanian Jew joined the South African Communist Party; between 1946 and 1950 together with Nelson Mandela and Harry Schwarz completed a law degree at Wits University. In the 1950’s Slovo became a commander of the ANC’s military wing Umkhonto we Sizwe.

Slovo was imprisoned for six months in the 1960 State of Emergency; on release from prison in 1961 alongside Abongz Mbede he emerged as one of two leaders of MK (Umkhonto we Sizwe). From 1963 to 1990 he resided exiled from South Africa in the United Kingdom.

Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Kasrils, a Latvia and Lithuanian Jew was a Soviet-trained terrorist (had undergone a years military training in 1964, Odessa, USSR) who helped Mandela found the Umkhonto we Sizwe; better known as the MK, the military wing of the Marxist African National Congress (ANC).

Transferred from Russia to London in 1965 Kasrils met Yusuf Dadoo, Joe Slovo, Reginald (Reggie) September and Percy John ‘Jack’ Hodgson; together for the next decade (66–76) they developed underground activities in South Africa from the United Kingdom.

During this time Kasrils trained various people including Raymond Suttner, Jeremy Cronin, Ahmed Timol, Alex Moumbaris, Tim Jenkins and Dave and Sue Rabkin with the aim of establishing underground propaganda units in South Africa.

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