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Media rebuttal

The first negative media attention came from British tabloid newspaper the Sun1. A pale and gaunt visiting Delhi news correspondent Pamela Timms came to the temple of Bahucharaji. She approached me from the temple office, asked if I would give her an interview….

I agreed to one off interview with the stipulation that she would not sell my story to any tabloid newspaper and monies gained from any article would go straight to the temple trust charity. After agreeing we went to a cafe for an accompanying meal which she (as a food correspondent) carelessly refused to eat despite the meal being laid on the table for free! At the end of the interview she asked if she could call me Pamela as her readers might not understand the name Pema, she said it was her name and in so she thought a nice name; I felt suspicious and somewhat dismayed so averted from answering the question. Pamela Timms left Gujarat soon after, I did not see her again until a few days later.

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Crank Gloucester 10th September 2017 14:23

Returning to my friends car from Gloucester Hobby craft retail shop we found this smiling crank inside his¬†IDENTICAL CAR parked next to us. As we got inside our car he got out of his, however on exiting the car park I didn’t miss the photo opportunity. They did this to me and a friend in Bristol some months ago, with an identical Toyota parked 50 yards behind my friends stationary car that I’d been travelling in.

Update: and another crank pulled up next to my friends car 6/01/2018 at Shab Hill view point in Birdlip, Gloucestershire whom I recognise previously appearing somewhere else, I was suspicious of him then but this just confirms it.

Trinitarian Crank: Cam Hill, Dursley 2nd September 2017 18:14

It was a late afternoon, me and a friend decided to go for a countryside walk, I picked Cam Hill as I’d viewed this wave shaped hill numerous times whilst travelling down the M5 southbound. The hill was steep and an arduous ‘out of breath’ climb. On arrival to the top of the hill we found a dead bunny rabbit.

The rabbit appearing to have been placed on the hillside as some kind of ‘offering’ had not long been dead (no flies) and had no signs of damage other than a snapped neck. Only five hours earlier I had taken a picture of an amazing sky bunny in the clouds then posted it to my (now defunct) WordPress blog.

After watching the Sunset over the Dursley and the river Severn we proceed descent from the hill back to the car. I was about to get into the car when I noticed a shadow taking pictures of me with what appeared to be a DSLR camera. The camera was then handed back to a passenger in the rear seat. Hearing taunts of ‘tranny’ I cautiously approached the car and took a picture…

The male drivers posture was notably defensive with his arm outstretched across the door; his fist tightly clenched. His other arm stretch out behind the front passenger seat. Hiding beneath his reclined seat (in between front and rear seats) was obviously the passenger he’d returned the DSLR camera to.

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