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An itchy blanket of Saint Martin delivered by way of Saint John

Early morning I found my shattered nervous self walking northwards towards Eccup reservoir when I stumbled upon a creepy looking house of sin (church) located in a suburban area of Leeds named Adel. The cold night obscured before me was restless and sleepless, there had been no comfort of shelter as I hadn’t returned to the homeless hostel; the sub zero temperatures had inevitably kept me awake and agaze at the freezing starry sky, shaking passage through the night.

The hostel (a Mary Magdalene brothel) was plagued with Death Cult trickery, from where vulnerable white female residents were being picked up for grotesque ‘miscegenation business’ by some very repugnant Negroe clients; who were being serviced a mere few steps from outside the hostel gate. Hostel workers were also actively collaborating with coveted death cult members whom I witnessed many times from my bedroom window entering the hostel reception. When I stipulated vocalised complain I received a written warning, after blogging about these instances I was threatened with the police and told (as a vulnerable adult) to vacate residence of the hostel immediately without any prior notice whatsoever.

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Snakes and Ladders

In these following paragraphs I am going to write about Freemasons, what I experienced from them was DEATH, whether this was good or bad gesture unto me, in my mind I still remain indecisive and sceptical. Certainly what became of my parting experience in retrospective of the outside world was outright evil. I’ve ‘almost’ always been completely open about my journey through this world, truthful in account of both my actions and experiences, a frankness that at every angle was used against me, in detriment of my person.

“Temptation to maintain a degree of secrecy has always prevailed but in honesty and transparency I have gained an immunity where secrecy would have weakened or wrecked me”. – Blodeuwedd 2017

It was Open House Weekend in London, a chance to explore buildings that are usually close to the public for the other side of the year. With a friend I had visited numerous open house locations the previous year and so this year, being bored, alone and homeless I thought I’d take initiative go and check out some places by myself.

The day was Saturday and date was 10.10.2010; being Yom Kapur (day of atonement) this was also an auspicious day for the Jewish people of London. Scanning the open house guide I decided to go first to city of London’s High court. The expanse of this building felt cold and empty, entering a mock trial I soon got tired of being told to rise and then be seated. I’d previously read law at the Oxford Bodleian and found legal process to be somewhat cumbersome and dogmatic. The establishment seemed to prioritise financial or collateral investment over a true genuine interest in moral sense of Justice.

Returning West through Holborn I stumbled upon the United Grand Lodge in Great Queen street. I’d heard about this building being called “World Masonic HQ”; mostly from my friend Tony Gosling (who edits a website about Bilderbergers) had told me lots of negative things about freemasonry. Curious with intrigue but with an open mind (I’d witnessed their charitable compassion through Rotary trust work in Indian hospitals) I decided step into and explore this huge masonic lodge with a sense of both bravery and intrigue so that I might decide for myself through my own perspective life experience.

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Poverty, a death cult Xmas present

Two thousand and fourteen was a difficult year for me, I fell victim to the most repugnant betrayal of all which through deception landed me completely destitute; broke penniless and street homeless for an entire month; frozen in severest of disparity from 17th December to the 19th of January.

Whilst held up at my friends crowded flat in Vauxhall, London I began talking to pagans online through Facebook social networking website; eventually I met a woman named Alanna (real name Denise Wyatt) who not only claimed she was pagan but also a Witch; after some brief dialog she suggested she could help solve my problem of homelessness.

After communicating with her through messenger for a few days we seemed to get along. From browsing through her FB postings it was clear that she had attended various events of the Celtic Christian “Loyal Arthurian war band” druid order. Having been both a devout pagan and worked with / raised money for a homeless charity I wrongly assumed that she was genuine in her offer to help me.

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My Heritage DNA Test

Four weeks ago I took a DNA test with and the results came back as thus…

My DNA is 100% European, I have 0% Ashkenazi DNA, 0% African DNA and 0% Mediterranean  DNA. I am most surprised that I scored 0% for English DNA

Death Cult claims on my lineage are completely false; they have committed WHITE genocide on both myself and my people .