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Media rebuttal

The first negative media attention came from British tabloid newspaper the Sun1. A pale and gaunt visiting Delhi news correspondent Pamela Timms came to the temple of Bahucharaji. She approached me from the temple office, asked if I would give her an interview….

I agreed to one off interview with the stipulation that she would not sell my story to any tabloid newspaper and monies gained from any article would go straight to the temple trust charity. After agreeing we went to a cafe for an accompanying meal which she (as a food correspondent) carelessly refused to eat despite the meal being laid on the table for free! At the end of the interview she asked if she could call me Pamela as her readers might not understand the name Pema, she said it was her name and in so she thought a nice name; I felt suspicious and somewhat dismayed so averted from answering the question. Pamela Timms left Gujarat soon after, I did not see her again until a few days later.

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