Cult abuse can be stopped. On this page I will inform you of early warning signs and explain practical measures you can take to stop cults from both abusing and destroying you’re life.

First steps and ways to stop cult abuse.

  • Keep living, going out and feel secure being inside your home, do the things you enjoy and love, look after yourself, eat and sleep well, be kind to yourself, know your worth.
  • Stay clear of the harsh things in life, they will try and desensitise you with both trauma and sleep deprivation; voiding your observance to prevent exposure of their cult.
  • Keep a diary, log encounters with times, dates, a short paragraph explaining what they are doing. Take identifiable (capture portraits, vehicle registration plates, include locality: shops, landmarks in your images) pictures and or record video of every detrimental encroachment they perpetrate upon your person.
  • Explain to a member of your family or a close friend what you are experiencing; as the world changes around you with cult manipulation it is important to maintain rationality through social anchors.
  • Talk to your local PCSO (police community support officer) about your concerns; they are the paid eyes and ears of your neighbourhood and can witness and potentially validate what your are experiencing!
  • Write a cease and desist notice and send via recorded mail to whoever is abusing you. In this legal notice state times, dates and descriptions of cult abuse that have taken place, an example cease and desist notice can be found here
  • The best defence against religious abuse is not to believe in it, don’t factor in their abuses no matter how much or whatever they do to provoke you, they are completely unworthy of your attention.
  • When isolated, betrayed and cast worthless; at your most vulnerable when you’re cold, tired and hungry; remember your worth because it is at this time they’ll come to desolate you through associating you with abuses and / or with insidious duplicity through using false charity.
  • Remember just over the horizon of diabolical disparity there is always somebody who is aware and thinking of you, that there are good people in the world who do care about you.
  • Don’t trust character building strangers who approach overtly nice to you one minute, then crash you the next; pick you up to throw you down is one way that they’ll try and break you.
  • Casting falsehoods, negative assertions against your good person (especially in esoteric context of persecuting archetype with allegory) and / or also blaming the victim and not the abuser are all warning signs of cult abuse.
  • Symbolic objects (obscure to yourself) maybe placed in your path (to arrive at your feet); these are often used to associatively correspond yourself with ‘out of sight’ behind the scenes abuses / atrocities that you are probably unaware of.
  • Cults use ‘overwhelming’ to subvert and your and others rationalised beliefs, if rationality is confronted; ask yourself, do I feel both coerced and overwhelmed? If so, walk out, face off the darkness and go it alone.
  • If they are following to erase your history suspect every second visit you make to a new person in your life to be corrupted; especially if there is significant time lapse in between your correspondence.

Remember giving everything to non-sharing one until depriving a sharing one until absolutely nothing is fundamentally not ‘Christian’; especially when they’ve inter-racially annihilated (through a covenant of disparity) a living sentient soul of everything, a non-violent soul who hardly ever had anything.

Stalking and harassment is a criminal offence under UK law.

In the UK through the Prevention of Stalking and Harassment Act 1997 it is possible to attain injunctions, prosecute and after successful conviction obtain restraining orders. A full copy this act is readable here

United Nations Convention on Genocide

If you are a group of people you are protected under this convention. Many say this isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and is part of the illusion of governance. However this is the universal agreed definition of Genocide which in my view is worth personally taking note; if not for your own rationality.

Systematic Cultivation of Human Failure