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Poverty, a death cult Xmas present

Two thousand and fourteen was a difficult year for me, I fell victim to the most repugnant betrayal of all which through deception landed me completely destitute; broke penniless and street homeless for an entire month; frozen in severest of disparity from 17th December to the 19th of January.

Whilst held up at my friends crowded flat in Vauxhall, London I began talking to pagans online through Facebook social networking website; eventually I met a woman named Alanna (real name Denise Wyatt) who not only claimed she was pagan but also a Witch; after some brief dialog she suggested she could help solve my problem of homelessness.

After communicating with her through messenger for a few days we seemed to get along. From browsing through her FB postings it was clear that she had attended various events of the Celtic Christian “Loyal Arthurian war band” druid order. Having been both a devout pagan and worked with / raised money for a homeless charity I wrongly assumed that she was genuine in her offer to help me.

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Mental Health Section 136 / 2 detainments

This is an incomplete list (police stated there have been over seventy) of section 136 and section 2 ‘detainments’ between 2014 – 2015 which have in process taken six months of my life away.  Nearing a hundred mental health assessments by 2-3 different psychiatrists and accompanying social worker could not find a major mental illness present with exception of one hospital (Saint Anns, Poole) whom I took to a mental health tribunal and won; resulting in an immediate discharge.

Many times the death cult would ring me in with a fake emergency call to the police with outright lies stating that “I was walking along the motorway ” or “they’d found me hanging off a bridge”; this was often done when I had suddenly walked out of a town / city.

If I was resting on a park in the day I’d be rung in “collapsed” but in reality this was because somebody was wanting me moved on because they viewed me sleeping as ‘unsightly’.

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