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An itchy blanket of Saint Martin delivered by way of Saint John

Early morning I found my shattered nervous self walking northwards towards Eccup reservoir when I stumbled upon a creepy looking house of sin (church) located in a suburban area of Leeds named Adel. The cold night obscured before me was restless and sleepless, there had been no comfort of shelter as I hadn’t returned to the homeless hostel; the sub zero temperatures had inevitably kept me awake and agaze at the freezing starry sky, shaking passage through the night.

The hostel (a Mary Magdalene brothel) was plagued with Death Cult trickery, from where vulnerable white female residents were being picked up for grotesque ‘miscegenation business’ by some very repugnant Negroe clients; who were being serviced a mere few steps from outside the hostel gate. Hostel workers were also actively collaborating with coveted death cult members whom I witnessed many times from my bedroom window entering the hostel reception. When I stipulated vocalised complain I received a written warning, after blogging about these instances I was threatened with the police and told (as a vulnerable adult) to vacate residence of the hostel immediately without any prior notice whatsoever.

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Esoteric Christianity & Roman Catholic menstration sacrifice

Cult of Death

Most Christians have no concept of reason to the barbaric cult of deathly consumption that todays Christianity is. To suppressed and dumbed down to perhaps notice that there is something more going on beyond two visible polarities of the lively evangelical or sleepy Sunday coffee drinker.

An invisible war covertly cast beyond the reach of common consciousness, a progressive malcontent ragging beyond most peoples comprehension; a crusade of detriment waged against every other religion on earth.

Perhaps the most sickest idolism of all is the crucifix. A naughty Semite (cast in image of white man) nailed and strung up onto a carving board, Suffering taut physicality hanging in menstruation effigy of female genitalia.

Between index finger and thumb the ovaries, arms fallopian tubes, chest the uterus. A spear in the ribs to associate his destiny as a creator of women; a procreation blood sacrifice in resurrection from an earth mother.

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