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Covered in Excrement – West Smithfield Rotunda Garden

I usually used to check the places where I slept even if I’d been and slept at them the night before. This time I was so tired from the long anxious day I fell collapsed in the side of a bush without checking the area. At 3am I awoke, my dizzy head felt strange and they were flies around me, blue bottles. I sat up and ran my fingers through my deadlocks to feel something sticky was in them. Focusing my weary eyes I turned around and glared down to find I huge puddle of light brown diarrhoea that I’d evidently rolled in during my troubled sleep.

I started to psychically cough and wretch, my head, neck and face were all covered in stinking excrement. I rummaged through my possessions collecting them together, got onto my feet and walked in search of a toilet to access running water to clean myself. I walked searching in vain two hours without finding a convenience to wash, tired I stooped on to a bench and attempted to calm anxiety by focusing on my breathing.

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