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Mental Health Section 136 / 2 detainments

This is an incomplete list (police stated there have been over seventy) of section 136 and section 2 ‘detainments’ between 2014 – 2015 which have in process taken six months of my life away.  Nearing a hundred mental health assessments by 2-3 different psychiatrists and accompanying social worker could not find a major mental illness present with exception of one hospital (Saint Anns, Poole) whom I took to a mental health tribunal and won; resulting in an immediate discharge.

Many times the death cult would ring me in with a fake emergency call to the police with outright lies stating that “I was walking along the motorway ” or “they’d found me hanging off a bridge”; this was often done when I had suddenly walked out of a town / city.

If I was resting on a park in the day I’d be rung in “collapsed” but in reality this was because somebody was wanting me moved on because they viewed me sleeping as ‘unsightly’.

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