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Grievous bodily harm (GBH) Bayswater, London

Seven o’clock, the street lights are spotlighting the rain drops relentlessly falling from above. I’m chilled cold, clothes are sopping wet, sight darkens as I rest my head upon glass. It’s evening and I’m tired from being constantly moved on since early morning.

The doorway I rested in is filthy and barely deep enough to keep out the oncoming sidewards rain. A man passing by glances over, he looks at my clothes, then my face, he glares wildly whilst forcing air through his thick lips into his yellow teeth. He pushed a comment “Why don’t you put some trousers on?”; I picked myself up and responded “f*ck off, you put some trousers on”. Enraged he yelled “you don’t tell me to go, this is my yard, if your here when I get back am going to beat you”, dismayed but not moved I spoke firmly “you’re not going to beat anybody” in reply. He then slouched off as I sank back into the darkness of the doorway and huddled up to keep warm.

My eyes started to lower as my mind wondered through passages of memories; as the outside light dimmed the dream projector warmed and lit it’s lens.

Then a sudden crack into my cold nose, I felt paper, a rolled up newspaper being used as a baton, thud thud thud as it rammed into the side of my face. I looked up, he’d returned and was attacking me. He withdrew, threw the paper down then ran fly kicked me in the face; resulting impact broke my nose sidewards. I threw my up my right arm to shield further oncoming blows from his boot but he kicked and kicked relentlessly until my right radius bone cracked splitting my forearm in half.

He paused out of breath, then gaining momentum proceeded to kick me in other places. I shouted “you broke my arm in half”; responding he said “he would do the other arm if I didn’t leave”. I drooped semi- unconscious onto a wet paving slab in front of me. I laid my blooded face in that place for what must have been two or three hours in pouring rain. I motioned passers by with my good arm for help, observing pedestrians smirked and laughed whilst others remarked to each other but did nothing.

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