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Encroachment 15th ‎October ‎2017, 1pm

Me and a friend had a few things to purchase in Wilkinson; merely five minutes after we entered into the hardware shop they flipped the genre of music over to a depressing apathetic drone of winging Motown. Smug smirks appeared on the faces of hardware shop workers but clueless at the time I focused on paying for the items we’d got.

Leaving the shopping centre I then noticed a car parked next to my friends car. Inside was a death cult victim seated next to her huge black captor who just by chance sported the appearance of a gorilla. Pausing in thought I surmised that she was probably another captive death cult member suffering from ‘Stockholm Syndrome‘ / ‘Oslo Syndrome‘.

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Evil encroached in Brecon, Wales on Wendnesday, 9th August 2017 19:25

Evil running 4 it’s life after ruining stay in Brecon, Wales with it’s ‘all out’ death cult; notice the pink colour of it’s jumper is the same pink colour of necrotising skin infection in between the devoured flesh of my legs; painfully caught whilst I was rambling Wales.

some days later it followed me to Stroud encroaching an appearance inside my friends shop…

The monster rarely shows it’s face, it encroached twice sporting a blue superman sweater when I was last in London.

It smells of urine.